Vishwa Bhumi Engineers Private Ltd moves with the technologically advancement - DGPS, TOTAL STATIONS, DIGITAL LEVELS, ECHOSOUNDERS connected to high-end Computing Devices (like HANDHELD DATA COLLECTERS, WINDOWS BASED HANDHELD DEVICES), for conducting surveys and processing results. The use of this technology ensures.

Precise and highly accurate results.
Readings in x, y, and z co-ordinates.
Computing Vertical, Horizontal & Slope Distances.
Replaces Manual reading and collection of data (Minimal Parallax error) Does away with the drudgery of paper work.
Cuts down on Survey time / field work / Plotting.

Vishwa Bhumi deals with the following types of survey:
1. Topographical / Contour Survey
2. Underground Survey / Utility Survey
3. Bathymetric Survey
4. Hydrological / Flow Measurement Survey